Help for South Jersey's Uninsured is Available Now and More is on the Way

 (Southern, NJ) The U.S. Supreme Court's decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act (ACA) means that in 2014 more of the 75,316 health uninsured in Cumberland, Gloucester and Cape May Counties will be covered. While this represents an important step forward for our communities, CompleteCare wants to spread the word that comprehensive primary and on-site specialty care is available now for the uninsured through the CompleteCare Health Network.


CompleteCare provides nearly 50,000 patients of all ages each year with medical, dental, behavioral and specialty health services such as OB/GYN, Cardiology, Optometry, Ophthalmology, Nephrology and more. Recently, because of their 39 years of proven success, CompleteCare was awarded over $6.25 million in grant funding to expand and improve their network of health centers. Most of that money was made possible through the Affordable Care Act. Senator Menendez, who has been among the most energetic advocates of both the Affordable Care Act and the Federally Qualified Health Care program, visited CompleteCare’s senior staff at their administrative offices in Bridgeton to congratulate them on their recent awards.


“When it comes to healthcare, this has been an eventful week,” said Senator Menendez. “The federal investments for CompleteCare will go a long way to making capital improvements that will complement the benefits of (the Affordable Care Act) with CompleteCare’s ability to deliver quality services.”


The funding received will be used to fund several different projects. In Vineland, CompleteCare will construct a new 20,795 square foot CompleteCare Center. In Bridgeton, CompleteCare will make upgrades to their Women’s Medical Center to enhance the patient-centered health care facility. In Wildwood, a full-service CompleteCare Medical & Dental health center is being planned. Finally, Care

Managers will be added to several of their existing facilities to provide care coordination for high-risk maternity patients and older patients with chronic disease.


 “These major upgrades will open the doors of CompleteCare Health Network to thousands of new patients this year and next and will help ensure that the great many more families who will gain health insurance from the Affordable Care Act implementation of universal health coverage beginning in 2014 have a place to go for patient-centered, coordinated care” said Gil Walter, President and CEO of the CompleteCare.  While the health organization works on executing these new projects, Mr. Walter stressed that, through Complete Care, comprehensive health services are available now for those who need it.


“In the coming years, more uninsured people in South Jersey will have the opportunity to gain insurance coverage. But an insurance card alone will not provide access, particularly in medically underserved communities. The role of our health centers is to provide true access by bringing doctors, nurses and other health care professionals, and quality cost-effective primary and preventive services to communities in need. We are doing that work today and because of the Affordable Care Act we’ll be able to broaden our mission and play a role in our Nation’s historical evolution in expanding access to health care to all Americans.”